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LEDGO LG-R320C 32W Bi-Color Ultra Soft LED Ring Light

Ring shaped LED light designed to fit around the lens. The bulbs are covered by a semi-transparent diffusing board which combined with the ring shape provides a soft and nearly shadowless light. An included rail mount is used to attach the Ledgo LG-R320C to the camera’s tripod socket. It also makes it possible to position the light to suit the current lens. Handles on each side simplifies operation.

Dimmable and bi-color
With a 32 W LED panel the LG-R320C produces a powerful light with a maximum brightness of 2193 lumens. A dimmer control provides stepless and flicker free brightness adjustment while Ledgo’s high CRI-value (RA >95) means skin tones and other colors are rendered naturally. The color temperature is adjustable between 3200K and 5600K and selected settings for both light and color can be monitored on a display on the back.

Battery or AC power
The Ledgo LG-R320C can be powered either from a wall socket through a supplied AC-adapter or with two rechargeable camcorder batteries (Sony NP-F750/970, accessory). It also supports Ledgo 2.4G WiFi Controlbox (accessory) that provides wireless remote operation from a smartphone or tablet (apps available for both IOS and Android).



Lamp type: LED
Color Temperature: 3200-5600K
CRI: RA >95
Wattage: 32 W
Light output: 2193 lumens
Mount type: Rail mount attaches to the camera’s tripod socket.
Power Source: 15V AC-adapter (included) or two Sony NP-F750/970 rechargeable lithium ion batteries (accessories).
Miscellaneous: Stepless dimming and adjustable color temperature. Supports Ledgo 2.4G WiFi Controlbox (accessory) that provides wireless remote operation from smartphone or tablet.
Dimensions: Outer diameter 465mm, inner diameter 305 mm
Weight: 1,9 kg